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What is Cozad Cash?

Cozad Cash can be used at participating Chamber businesses as if they were cash, keeping money circulating in the local economy. Check out our members page for a current list of businesses accepting Cozad Cash.

For Customers

Where do you get them?

You can purchase Cozad Cash from the Cozad Chamber Office at 209 W 8th St.

Payment is due when you pick up your Cozad Cash!

How do you use them?

Choose a current Chamber Member and use your Cozad Cash for purchase, just like paying with cash.

For Businesses

Who can accept them?

Any current Chamber Member Business that accepts cash! View our members page for an updated list of Chamber Businesses. To become a member; contact the Chamber Office today.

How do they work?

To accept a customer’s Chamber Bucks, simply treat it as you would a check. Sign the back and deposit it into your account.

Does a customer have to spend it all?

To help maximize the potential to keep money in Cozad, please ask your customers to spend the entire Cozad Cash amount at the time of purchase. No cash should be given for the difference.